Coronavirus (COVID-19) update Dear customers, Your well-being is of paramount importance to us. During the current the COVID-19 situation in New South Wales, we advise: Our dealership showrooms must be closed. You can still purchase vehicles online or over the phone. Workshops are currently closed. Our Staff members are still answering calls & emails, however … Read more

Horse Trailer vs Horsebox : Which to choose?

Trailer vs Horsebox? It’s a question many equestrians face, which do I choose, a Horse Trailer or a Horsebox? There are obvious benefits to both, and often after some thought, you conclude which is best for you. However, are you forgetting some key things that could put you in Team Horse Trailer? We’re using our … Read more

Horses and Fireworks Season – 10 Top Tips

10 Top Tips for Horse Owners This Fireworks Season Fireworks Season can be very stressful for horse owners! Here are some top tips on how you can reduce the impact and stress that fireworks may have on your horses… Give your horse plenty of hay to keep them occupied. Leave a radio on playing music. … Read more

7 Top Tips for loading horses

Loading horses can be tricky. Here are some top tips we have gathered from experienced experts: Choose a light and airy trailer to minimize the risk of claustrophobia. Show your horse that loading is more comfortable than refusing by using a pressure halter and your body language, act confident. Don’t go behind your horse as … Read more

A three-step guide to buying a horse trailer

What to consider buying a horse trailer The security and comfort of your horse are paramount for successful transporting. This Guide To Buying a Horse Trailer details the main points to consider. 1. The right trailer for your horse Be sure to measure them from tip to tail and shoulder to shoulder to make sure … Read more

A Three-Step Guide To Being Confident With Any Horse

1)    Be prepared We all know the saying ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’. Approaching riding without taking the time to ensure you have all the safety measures in place opens your equestrian experience up to nerves and worry. It goes without saying that sturdy boots, gloves and a hat are safety must-haves, but body … Read more

Three-step guide to preparing your horse to travel

Preparing your horse to travel is generally fairly simple. Here is a 3 step guide to help. The temperature of your Horse- Post grooming it is important to keep your horse at a comfortable temperature. Begin with a base, breathable rug (good for the summer months as well). For clipped horses follow with a slightly … Read more

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